All around the world the users of Facebook are reporting issues while logging into and and posting on the Facebook, instagram and whatsapp.

Facebook tweeted at 8:06 p.m. EDT that the issue”has since been resolved and we should be back that it was back up. At 8:30 p.m. EDT, some Whatsapp 100% for everyone.”instagram also tweeted  that App users were still experiencing outages, according to reports on Down Detector.



“Earlier today, some people and businesses experienced trouble uploading or sending images, videos and other files on our apps,” the spokesperson said in a statement to CNN Business. “The issue has since been resolved and we should be back at 100% for everyone.”

On twitter, screenshots were posted by many users Facebook showing error messages when the users tried to load the app. The message appears on the screen when users tried to load the site saying, “Account Temporarily Unavailable.

Facebook down? In November, the breakdown of its tool for advertisers has previously experienced by Facebook. When marketers were trying to place ads related to Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

“The issue has been resolved and we should be back at 100% for everyone,”

it tweeted.

It added that an unspecified issue had been accidentally “triggered” during “routine maintenance”.